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Our Work

We have formulated diverse projects demanding creativity and a broader skill set here at the Blue pigeon. We always strive towards unique strategies which give excellent results in return.



Our Services : Marketing Strategy

Exponential increase in sales. Building a high recall brand. Optimize marketing. These are few of the major reasons why clients hire us. 

Our tools like DASCO Framework, Design Thinking and other frameworks has helped us create strategies giving breakthrough results for our clients.

Challenge : Multiply the revenue

Approach :

  1. Understood the model, competition, market and needs of target audience

  2. Changed the business model

  3. Restructured sales and marketing teams

  4. Optimised the communication for potential leads


Result : Net Revenue multiplied by 3X in 8 months


Our Services : Digital Marketing

Great ROAS. Quality leads. Clutter free branding. These are the main objectives of digital marketing for any brand. 

Our team constantly upgrades itself with the latest tools and algorithms of various platforms. Not just the tools, we apply DASCO Framework in designing the campaigns.


Challenge : Launch new tests

Approach :

  1. Understood the market needs

  2. Identified the target audience correctly, consumer, buyer and influencer

  3. Prepared a multichannel campaign with messages depicting the need of test


Result : Launched India vide with results 1.8X as targeted

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Our Services : Influencer Marketing


Collating and managing a community of infleuncers. Conceptualizing, designing, and executing campaigns for maximum reach. Detailed follow-up analysis post collaboration to ensure adequate growth.

ROI, social media growth tracking, PR strategies are all part of the process involved in Influencer Marketing.

Challenge : Sale of yet to be launched NFT’s

Approach :

  1. Got the pulse of market in terms of channels

  2. Launched strategic influencer campaigns 2 months before the launch

  3. Timed the launch for maximum reach


Result : Sold NFT’s worth INR 7.7 Cr in less than a month

The Indian Age

Our Services : Social Media Marketing


After initial discussions, we specialize in generating a tentative portfolio, setting key targets, and designing campaigns around them. Content suited to the client's personality, tone of voice, and goals. Metric analysis to scale growth and review strategies.

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Challenge : Build brand awareness and create engagement

Approach :

  1. Prepared a strategy on kind of content people relate with.

  2. Finalised the primary platform as Instagram as it is a product centric venture.

  3. Build the page with a theme making it visually attractive

Result : Received 3X messages on Instagram regarding product enquiry and B2B collaborations.