DASCO Framework



Before designing any marketing activity, we deep dive in to the business of our clients to understand the uniqueness of the business. Be it the kind of clients, way of working, technology, experience or any other parameter. Few of the things that we will dig in to:

✦ Type of Clients

✦ Client Sources

✦ Client Experience

✦ Time commitments

✦ Previous marketing performance

✦ Revenue Bifurcation



With the information that we receive, it has to make strategic sense. This phase gives us insights about client expectations, industry trends, internal and external pain areas. After analysis, we will be able to identify:

✦ Best clients categories

✦ Best sources that worked

✦ Best channels that gave results

✦ Wow factor for clients

✦ Pain areas of clients that went unresolved 

✦ Kind of team capabilities

✦ More.. 



This is an intense phase where what actually needs to be done in the coming months is designed. The way to engage various platforms for achieving the marketing objectives is finalized and work on implementation begins. As per our discussion, the tentative platforms to work on are:


✦ Touchpoints, including website, social media

✦ Networking channels: BNI, MNP, others

✦ Experience Design: For clients and potential clients

✦ Branding: PR, Personal Brand, Company

✦ Digital Marketing: Social Media, Ads (if permissible), Mailers, Content Marketing



The strategy will give us whom to target, what to target with, why to target. Putting them in words and communicating with potential clients is the action part of this phase.


✦ Messaging of the company

✦ Social Media Management : Personal and Company 

✦ Digital Ads

✦ Relationship Marketing

✦ Experience Design

✦ Brand Guidelines

✦ Client Facing team communication standardisation



With every passing day, the clients and their expectations evolve. This is where we need to optimise the activities that we do to match the expectations of the clients. In this phase we will:


✦ Optimise the message

✦ Optimise the digital marketing efforts 

✦ Optimise the reputation of the company 

✦ Optimise the client experience

✦ Optimise the employee experience

✦ Optimise the networking efforts

✦ Optimise the revenue channels

DASCO Framework